Azaxin Terms and Conditions

Azaxin, operating under the registered company Fliksale, welcomes you to our e-commerce platform. By accessing Azaxin, you consent to our terms, fostering a trustworthy shopping environment.

User Agreement: Your use indicates acceptance of our terms. Disagreements necessitate cessation of platform use.

User Conduct: We uphold a respectful community standard, barring offensive content and fraudulent acts. Violations may lead to account termination.

Purchases and Payments: Engage in transactions responsibly, adhering to accurate payment information and our financial policies. Price adjustments are subject to change without notice.

Returns and Refunds: Customer satisfaction is our aim. Our policy details return conditions and refund processes.

Intellectual Property: Azaxin’s content, protected by law, prohibits unauthorized use.

Disclaimer: Services are provided “as is,” without warranty. We’re not liable for losses or damages from Azaxin use.

Dispute Resolution: We encourage resolving disputes through customer support; unresolved issues may lead to arbitration.

Amendments: Terms updates are binding post-modification. Continued use post-changes equals acceptance.

Governing Law: Our operations are governed by local laws, with disputes falling under local jurisdiction.

Contact Us: For inquiries or service concerns, reach out to our support team.

Azaxin aims for an unmatched shopping journey. Adhering to these terms ensures a beneficial relationship for both parties. Enjoy shopping with Azaxin – Your Market, Simplified, a Fliksale venture.